Fresh Box Market Collaboration- August 1st

Hi everyone!

This is my second week working with FreshBox Market and I am so excited to share these recipes with you all! Make sure to check out Fresh Box on Facebook, their website:

and on instagram. They are constantly posting updates on different produce, baked goods, and other fun things they bring to us each week! They are also expanding their delivery range so look out to see if your town is added to their list next!


This week’s box is so amazing, it’s full of some of my absolute favourite fruits and vegetables and I was felt so inspired.

My goal for this collaboration is to bring you all some fresh new ideas for things to do with your boxes. Because it is the summer, I will definitely try to give you a salad option, a dessert of course, and then one other dish. If anyone has any suggestions or questions please message me, email me, or dm me!

This week’s post:


This week’s box:

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Photo by Grace Holyoke (2019)

This week I have made a couple dishes using the produce from my box. I made:

Click each title for the full recipe.

Loaded Greek Quinoa Salad

Photo by Grace Holyoke (2019)

This salad is not your typical cucumber, tomato, olive and feta greek salad. It is bumped up with lots more delicious veggies, variations in textures, and bright, fresh colours. I am so excited to share this with all of you! The base of this salad is quinoa, which is similar to rice, but it has a nuttier flavour and I personally prefer it to rice. This is a perfect side to a bbq meal, a picnic, or for you lunch at work!

Click HERE for the recipe.

Grilled Mushroom Flatbread

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Photo by Grace Holyoke (2019)

Flatbread’s are so easy to make, and are such a great dinner option in the summer! I just bought Naan bread at the store, its a great and easy pizza base without the hassle of making your own. However, if you would like a pizza dough recipe I am happy to come out with one. I love pizzas that don’t have a tomato sauce base (they’re actually my favourite) and I think a pizza with no tomato sauce is exactly where mushrooms should be! Covered in cheese and balsamic glaze- this is sure to be a hit on your summer dinner table!

Click HERE to find the recipe.

Ontario Peach Pie

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Photo by Grace Holyoke (2019)

My blogging/instagram experience all started with my pie-baking. I have had quite a few requests for more pie recipes, I haven’t really done one in a while- and peach pies are so incredibly delicious especially when the peaches are this fresh!

Click HERE for the full recipe.

Cheers Everyone!

Grace Eveline


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